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EW in the New Threat Environment - EW104

February 5 — 28, 2018

Location: AOC

Website: http://www.crows.org/item/ew-new-threat-environment.html

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There have been recent, significant changes in the nature of the threat environment that make much of the way Electronic Warfare (EW) has been conducted for many years obsolete. This course deals with systems and techniques that are now required for success in EW operations. The course starts with a review of current practices – which are still required in many situations. Then it discusses the weapons and sensors in the new threat environment. Note that this is an unclassified course, so new threats and sensors are described as presented in open source literature. Since the accuracy of technical specifications in open source information cannot be confirmed or denied, the following approach is followed. First the presented information is evaluated to determine if it makes sense from a “laws of physics” perspective. If it passes that test, it is quoted and treated as accurate. This course will deal with how the quoted information applies in EW operations and performance evaluation. Then, later, when you need to do a real EW task in the real world, you will need to look up the actual enemy system specifications (from classified sources) and apply that information in the ways described in this course.

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