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Obtaining an AOC Scholarship

The AOC headquarters provides monetary support to approximately 21 chapters that participate in the AOC Educational Foundation Program. The Program contains two parts: Scholarships and Enlisted Tuition Grants. However, local Chapters provide scholarships to local colleges and universities or directly to students majoring in the hard sciences. A number of Chapters also provide Enlisted Tuition Grants for military personnel on active duty. (See instructions below for ETG)

The procedure and application are straight forward. Go to the left hand Nav bar and select Chapters. Find the one closest to you. The point of contact information for each chapter is normally the chapter president who can give you the name of their chapter scholarship chairman who can give you details about their chapter specific scholarship requirements. Procedures for the chapters are outlined in Foundation Procedure 1-1, AOC Educational Foundation Chapter Scholarship Program. The scholarship application is located in the FP. Fill out the Application (called the Student Data Form in the FP) and return it to the chapter physically closest to your home of residence.

Obtaining an AOC Enlisted Tuition Grant

The AOC headquarters provides monetary support to approximately 5 chapters that participate in the AOC Enlisted Tuition Grant Program. The procedures are the same as for scholarships. Find the chapter closest to you, contact the chapter president, and return the completed Application (same Student Data Form in FP1-1) However, you may want to look at FP1-2, Enlisted Tuition Grant (ETG) Operating Procedures under Educational Foundation Procedures.