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Annual, three-day symposium and convention. Prominent speakers from government and industry address current policy and technical issues. Serves as the major forum for representatives of the United States, and friendly nations to discuss defense electronics issues. Several classified, two-day conferences are conducted with the focus on specialized areas such as Information Warfare, Modeling and Simulation, Directed Energy, Intelligence Support, Test and Evaluation, Radar/EW, Navigation Warfare, Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Intelligence and Electronic Warfare, etc.

AOC Educational Foundation provides over $160,000 annually through some of its chapters for scholarships to assist undergraduate students in electrical engineering, physics, mathematics and related areas. Funding is provided through the enlisted tuition assistance program to assist military enlisted personnel with the cost of off duty, college level education programs.

Publishes monthly professional magazine, the Journal of Electronic Defense which is free to each member.

Conducts major studies in support of DoD and the electronic warfare community. Committees have investigated and reported findings on production of traveling wave tubes, the electronic warfare industrial base, EW test methodology, EW measures of effectiveness, critical EW technology and a new approach to EW acquisition - The Partnership Process.

The association funds a long-term project to document the history of United States electronic warfare. The first volume was published in 1984 and Volume II was published in late 1989. Volume III, which documents the history of U.S. electronic warfare from 1964 to the present, was published in 2000. Episode 1 of the video series, The Invisible War, was aired on The Learning Channel in 1996. Episodes 2 and 3 are now available.

Supports local and regional forums for exchange of information on a broad range of EW and related issues.

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