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Fundamentals of EW 2016: Full Course On Demand

Fundamentals of EW 2016: Full Course On Demand

Quick Overview
All of these sessions have been pre-recorded and are available on-demand. They were recorded between March 7th and March 30th 2016. Session 1: EW Principles & Overview This session covers the ...
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All of these sessions have been pre-recorded and are available on-demand. They were recorded between March 7th and March 30th 2016. 
Session 1: EW Principles & Overview
This session covers the definitions and basic principles of the Electronic Warfare (EW) field.  It starts with a quick overview of the field, then discusses the threat systems against which EW operates.  The threats discussed are hostile radar and communications systems; both legacy systems and new generation improved capability systems.
Session 2: Math for EW
This session covers the math that will be used in all subsequent sections.  This includes dB numbers and calculations.  It also covers radio propagation theory required to perform important EW calculations in the following
sessions.  It finishes with a set of in-class problems using the radio propagation formulas.
Session 3: Antennas, Receivers & Processing
This session covers the types of antennas and receivers used in Electronic Warfare.  It describes the typical specifications for important EW antennas and the calculation of performance values as a function of the physical size of an antenna.  It also covers the types of receivers used in EW along with their typical performance specifications and teaches how to calculate the receiver sensitivity as a function of operating parameters.  Finally, this section covers the types of processors and processing functions used in EW.  Included are signal processing, controls and displays for various types of systems.
Session 4: Search and Emitter Location
This session covers search techniques and probability of detection calculation.  It also includes the approaches and techniques for hostile emitter detection, including modern precision location techniques.
Session 5: Radar Characteristics
This session describes radars from an Electronic Warfare point of view.  It functionally describes various types of Radars along with their operational functions and limitations.  It includes discussion of modern pulse Doppler and Pulse compression radars and their operational impact on EW functions.
Session 6: Electronic Attack Concepts & Calculations
This session covers the jamming techniques as a function of engagement geometry and basic approach (cover vs. deceptive).  It also includes the calculation of important EW operational values such as jammer to signal ratio and burn-through ranges.
Session 7: Jamming Techniques and Electronic Protection
This session covers specific techniques for cover and deceptive jamming, including the way that each jamming technique impacts the performance of its target radar.  Then, the section discusses various techniques for the Electronic Protection of radars from jamming.  
Session 8: Chaff, Decoys and IR/EO Threats and Countermeasures
This session covers the theory and application of Chaff and Decoys.
This course is delivered on-demand, courtesy of the Association of Old Crows.

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